Questions I Feel Like Answering (QIFLA)

Everything you don't really need to know about me.

Who are Marchan, Dana, Martug, the Duke of Quirnotol...?
Almost all direct names I've been giving on this webiste since December 2004 are names of fictional people. I'm writing what's been recently named a blook (a book in serial form originally published on a weblog). The main character is Marchan, a dwarf living in another time. Everyone else we've met so far are "normal" humans. You can get the whole Marchan story.
Your server?
My server, a 400Mhz AMD K5-3D (almost 800 bogomips) with 192M RAM and a 40 Gig HD, is named Saradoc, after the father of Meriadoc in Lord of the Rings. It runs debian linux exclusively and is my personal webserver. Not the site though. That I'm paying for since I couldn't seem to keep myself online with sufficient consistency thanks to Bell Sympatico.
Your workstation?
My workstation, a AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (over 2300 bogomips) with 512M RAM and a 40 Gig HD, is named Rorimac (Saradoc's father in LOTR). It runs either Debian Linux, Win98 or WinXP, depending on the need at the time. It provides me with keyboard, mouse and monitor for accessing the internet, gaming, programming and writing. This is my wife's main computer now.
Esgaroth is my internet name, handle, nic, whatever. I use it when my first name could be confused with some other Alan, Allan, Allen, Alyn or Alon.
Alan is my name. Note there's only one 'l' and an 'a' on either side of it. I tend to resent other spellings. The second 'a' is usually elided when I pronounce it.
I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo's Math undergraduate programme in Computer Science. Fall 2002 I returned to the University to get an Arts Degree in Medieval Studies, and I had fun with it. I finished it in April 2004. I've since been working for BlueStream, a spin-off of BlueTree which is a direct mail marketing company. Bluestream is the software development portion of that. Summer 2006 I went and got myself married. I'd love to tell you the story sometime of how my wonderful bride and I hooked up.
Returned to School?
Yup. I returned to school. And I think I did reasonably well. I passed everything in that first term, and the second term, even making the Dean's Honours List. I was off for the summer, then stayed on the Dean's List for the last two terms. First year language courses are always easy when you've been preparing for them for years. In winter 2006 I took a third year New Testament Greek Course.

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